Hello, we are Gino and Becky. 

Gino's background is in carpentry and with 20 years experience in the industry he has gained a wealth of knowledge on all sorts of building projects. Becky's background is in textiles where she has worked as a pattern cutter, seamstress and screen printer before launching Stak interiors with Gino.

After moving house a few times, renovating as we went and having our 2 children, it made complete sense for us to work together on renovation projects for other people. Gino's job as an employed carpenter made it an easy transition to go self employed and the renovations we had completed together served as a small portfolio and an example of the skills we had gained and honed as a team.

  • A bell tower Gino helped restore at his old company.

  • Tights Becky designed and printed at her old company.

  • House Renovations with keen helpers on hand.


We have been working as Stak Interiors for 4 years now and still enjoy the broad spectrum of projects that come our way and the flexibility of working together and for ourselves that enables us to put our childrens' needs first. 

Something that has been bothering us however is waste. The construction industry is inherently wasteful, we pull old stuff out and put new stuff in, often ending up with offcuts that we diligently store in our very small workshop. Sometimes these offcuts come in handy for other projects but often, sadly, the pile of offcuts grows too big to store and we then have to pay to get these taken away. They will be recycled and turned into new MDF boards or other recycled wood materials however it still feels way more wasteful than necessary.  

This is why Stak Made has come about. We want to turn these offcuts into useful, simple products that can be used for years to come instead sending them off to be recycled. We are starting with stools but can't wait to see where this will lead. We hope to expand our range as the offcuts pile up and also intend to turn our attention to the giant pile of fabric scraps we have collected over the years!


The wallets are not made from our offcuts. They are the result of wanting our own super minimal wallets and a few years ago we came up with the perfect design for us. A few people at the time bought them from us and we have had a lot of those people ask us for another one as a gift for someone in the meantime. Unfortunately, around that time a new baby, a house move (and renovation that came with that) and then the birth of Stak Interiors all conspired to leave the wallet project mostly forgotten until now. We havent stopped using our Stak wallets since then and are now only more confident that they provide a brilliant solution for anyone wanting a sustainably made, simple wallet. You can find them in our shop.